The Fruit of Forgiveness

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love – Mother Theresa

As you continue on with life, you deal with a lot of decisions, problems, and life-changing moments.

Whether you don’t have the power to control it, or it’s your own decision.

You’ll come to terms to meet a lot of people who influence your life in a good way, or they leave a scar in your heart.

They disappointed you, they used you, take something from you for their own advantage, they break your heart…

The problem that is caused by human interactions.

It’s hard to deal with a heart problem. When you are sick (medically speaking), you go to the doctor, but when we experienced the scars within, who are we going to ask for that kind of help?

At some point, people that are closest to us are the one who hurt us the most.

We hold it together to protect them, or just ignore the mistakes they’ve done to us.

In the end, there are two kinds of people. The one that holds all of the grudge and the pain all to themselves, and the one that succeeded, release all the pain.

What you plant in your heart is what you will spread to others.

The one that held all the pain inside, will rotten, and even spreading all the pain to others. They can’t love people purely, they hold the fear and pain that result in lack of trust. The seeds will turn into the rose that likely demonstrates a lovely appearance outside, yet they are hindering their relationship with others. Sometimes the anger just guides them to action that will hurt others.

While people that are able to conquer the pain, amazing things happened. They become the one that can give the most.

Love propers when fault is forgiven – Proverbs 17:9

Believe it or not, they become the most loving, and they feel peace inside. They see things differently. They grasp the agony and settle on the choice to let love wins. It is normal to be disappointed with people, but some people choose not to let the resentment a chance to control them.

I know it sounds illogical.

But from my experience, it’s true. When you let go of the pain, you will be filled with love and not hate. Regardless of the amount of pain they have loaded you, it can be healed by forgiving them. You accept that they have done something hurtful, but when you choose to forgive, it will become the most amazing decision that you have ever made.

Forgiving is not only about saying “I forgive you”, but it’s about what action you will take after that. Are you going to unfriend them and let them become the past?

The first step is to ensure that are you willing to forgive them. Forgiving needs an effort. There is no technical step to do it, it just that forgiving is about making peace with your heart, accepting the scars and changing the way you think about it, and there’s a seed of love that you can share with them regardless of what they have done to you.

Which path do you choose?


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