Young inspirator

September 2017,

It was the first day I join Saab Shares. I saw the volunteer poster on Instagram.

Never taught that it would be a day that opens my eyes and just made me realize the value of the contribution.

Elena Bensawan (17) and Sabrina Bensawan (19).

They are beyond amazing.

In such a very young age, they’re younger than me, and they inspire a lot of people.

They have been building this foundation since they were teenagers. While most youngsters are spending their time on watching concerts, fangirling, play with their friends.

Elena and Sabrina are using their time to build something that it’s not even for their own sake. They use their time to help others, serving them and investing their life for others.

They build a house called “Rumah Belajar Saab Shares”, they sacrifice all of their time for serving others.

There’s still a lot of problems that are happening in Indonesia for the “small” people and less fortunate. Lack of education for the younger generation and future’s that are uncertain. There’s a lot of issues in Indonesia. And yet, there are very few amount of people that want to help them.

Elena and Sabrina are the very few people that take the decision to help them and they just do it. They don’t wait till they’re rich to be able to help others, they just start helping them and end up saving people’s life and future.

It just really amazes me, it’s very rare to see young people who have the urgency to help others. While mostly, they only live for themselves, have fun, accomplishing their wishes and bucket list, and just spending time with friends.

Probably I just want to share this story to all the people that are reading this, the point of life that I learn from them are…

The heart of serving

For Sabrina and Elena Bensawan, they are very different from most of the young generation. Instead of fulfilling their own achievement for themselves, they rather share it with others.

At least, they don’t only think about themselves

Transforming people’s life and fate.

Hopefully, people that are still young and reading this, just realize how grateful you are for everything that you have, and start to think about something that you can share with other people, at least give your time and energy to help others. You can start from your family, friends, and see a lot of issues around you that you really want something different about it and just start to be the agent of change.

Knowing the real point of life

I know there are a lot of good things that we can do while we are young. We want to have a great moment with our boyfriend/girlfriend and friends, exploring the world with some friends, enjoying life. Well I know its fun, but have you contribute to your surroundings?

Start Now

Some people especially young generation, they focus on their achievement especially for getting a great school grade, be active in school organizations, make a good reputation and just preparing for the future. But is that it?

I was watching the interview of Elena’s and Sabrina’s mother in some TV.

She was saying something that really shocks me.

“When my children get a good grade at school, I only say congratulation of just show them that I am happy. But when they do something for others, like helping them, I say that I am proud of them”.

I did not say that we don’t need a good education. It’s just that we need a really good education in order to help people. And the focus is not about only getting good grades and be proud of it, but how can we learn something and use it as an application for our lives and help people. Remember to just ask to yourself about why are you really doing everything that you are doing in your life? Is it about accomplishing what your ego stated, or is it about what you want to give to others?

Is it about building your reputation, or building a legacy to others?

In my perspective, the point of my living existence is just to share what I can do so people can learn, grow, and be a better person. It’s about legacy. Not only building reputation and money. It is about what I can give for people’s life.

In Saab Shares, they build a very great foundation for the children’s self-esteem, self-image, and a great habit of living. It’s not just about giving them education as only a subject in schools, but it’s the lesson of life that they can learn. Children in Saab Shares are taught to be very welcoming and polite, have a great attitude, they learn to love studying because by learning they can achieve their dreams, they love Indonesia as their identity (not like some of the millennials that rather choose other country and not live in Indonesia), they learn to have the perspective to have big dreams and that they are not limited by their condition, and just become a great person in the future.

What I see in Elena and Sabrina’s work, is just amazing how they can impact people’s life. Their contribution is what counts. And maybe someday, they would not be able to see the children anymore, but the children could thank them for their investment towards their life and continuing what they were doing for them to the younger children in their era.

It is the living service.

This is the life that we won’t regret in the future.

Instead of just getting a good mark in school and keep it in papers, why don’t you use your potential to make it a living investment in other people’s life.

You may not know what your action could change people’s life.

Saab Shares Kick Andy Interview

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