The Golden Circle

I got this concept from movie called The Kingsman. It was one of my favorite british spy movie. In that movie, the golden circle is defined as a group of a high criminal profile people that deals with drugs. Well, this is not about that movie at all. I consider “the golden circle” as something very different.

For me, the golden circle is the key towards life.

It is about a relation between people around us that held the key for the future. The golden circle is meant to be about us and our surroundings.

We grew up around societies. We meet different person everyday, people comes and goes.

From all of those people, the one that stick around us, are the one that are very important in our lives. The one that really know us, our struggles, and journey.

As a human, we are a social beings. We are created not only by the origins of our genetics, we are shaped by people around us.

Our culture, family, friends, society, they are part of what we are.We are the reflection of the environment we live in.

We cannot predict the future, we might never know what the future holds.

But I believe that the key to knowing it, relies in our golden circle.

Golden circle is part of who we are. They are the one who makes us understand the meaning of life. Their love, contribution, and sacrifices, they are the one that we called our golden circle.



The key of someone’s future helds in their golden circle, it is the core of someone’s life.

Layers of Golden Circle.


What I mean about God it’s not about religion at all. It’s about what we are believing in.

How the values and principles that we live in, determines our belief system.

What are we holding on to, and our perspective towards live. I believe that every religion basiclly have the same God, it’s just the way we are taught by religious system that is different.

The core value in our live will represent our daily activity, and our attitude towards life.

With God, what I am implying is that God gives us the sense of meaning towards life, God taught us to have faith, living to the fullest potential, and live in a good manner.

He wants us to be something that this world could count on to. It’s not only about following the religious system.


If you don’t value your family, you will likely end up missing the most important part of your life. Whether you are born in a perfect family or a family filled with drama, they are still your family. We are raised through them, and it’s just amazing how the value of family may become our strongest part of someone, and source of love.

Through the love of family, we learn to embrace life and be grateful for every bit of it. Even tough sometimes we could not trust them for every truth, and our stories, but we are connected with them deeply. Whether you value friends more than your family, someday, you will come back to them, and you will realise that your family is a very precious gift sent to you.

For me, the key to every relationship with other human beings, start with a family. How you are loved, how your parents raised you, how they taught you about life

It is the foundation of every relationship in your life.


I believe that our relationship with our beloved, will be the core of your life in the future.

How you value your relationship, through commitment, how you have the bond and vission for life.

You gonna spent the rest of your life with your partner and surely they will become part of you. If you truly have a healthy and growing relationship, its gonna be your strength and you gonna learn to become a better person, you learn to understand people, and be mature enough to compromise with your ego and find the best solution for each other.


I don’t mean to make friends the least priority in your life. Some of your friends might become your family as well. They are the one who you can trust the most and become part of you. Maybe as you get older, you got less true friends, but that’s okay.

True friends will always comes back to you and get through the journey together.

It is better to have less friends that knows everything about you rather than wondering around in the society being the most outgoing person, but you cannot trust anyone. Make sure you have that kind a friend that can make your life better and treat them right.

If you maintain your golden circle, you will become a stronger person.

All you need in life, is right there with you. It is your golden circle that makes you who you are.

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