The X Files – Mulder and Scully

Lately I am really into watching The X Files. It is a sci-fi series about two FBI agent working with unexplainable cases which people say “spooky”, they believe in alien and stuff. What I am really love about this series, is not about the cases they have solved through 11 seasons, but I am obsessed with the two agent. Their name is Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, which are played by the original actress David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. The series runs for about 25 years since it was started at the 19s.

What I really like about this movie is that, the connection between Mulder and Scully, they first started as friends, and finally at the end of the finale season (for now, we don’t know what the writer is planning in the future for the series), they are more likely to be describe as soulmate.

Towards the series from season one until eleven, we can see that the relationship between Mulder and Scully becomes very deep and powerful through their journey solving crimes together.

I could not describe what their relationship is, but somehow we know that they will always end up coming back to each other.

They are not officially a couple, but they really care and love each other.

What I find amusing is that, out of the all the season of The X Files and two official big screen movies, we never see them making out. Throught the eleven season of the X-Files series, there were never been a sex scene exposed in this series. Honestly, I find this fact profoundly fascinating

We can see the majority of movies and tv series nowadays, use the “sex scene” as the part where they define as romantic. Either a one night stand and using every part of the sex as what we define as romantic and stuff.

The X Files is different. This series taught me about the relationship between two people that are build by the foundation of knowing each other first. Somehow knowing each other’s stories, their personality, and just be friends first, is the start of a very deep connection between each other.

I just love how Mulder and Scully really show their love for each other with a very caring way, not only using sex as a tool to showing their love, but they really understands each others personality, how they compromise with things and every moment they spent with each other, they are learning to understand each other better.

Relationship is not about instant gratification.

A lasting relationship requires time.

Trust cannot be instantly formed. We have to communicate and really understand the person. Scully and Mulder’s relationship is more than just a physical connection (sex), the bond between them is much deeper than that.

Throughout 11 series, which consist of more than 200 episodes, I can guarantee you that there are only less than 10 scene where they kiss each other. However, from the beginning of the pilot episode which is season 1 episode 1, you can see the chemistry between Scully and Mulder that is different.

What I am saying is that, maybe you guys have the perspective that couples, have to show their love towards each other through sex, well if you guys are married,  that is totally okay.

If you are only dating, learn to know your partner’s life, understand each other, and learn to trust them. Relationship that last long, start with the foundation of knowing each first. Relationship is not only about sex.

We don’t even know about the basic of a relationship.

Relationship starts with a friendship, then comes the part where we learn about the other person’s life.

Relationship is build by the value of tolerance and trust.

You will never find a person that is totally match your criteria or understand everything about you.


In a relationship we have to learn about tolerance.

There are not a single person that completely match your personality, and you expect to have a partner that is likely simmilar with your personality.

As in Scully and Mulder’s relationship, they came from a totally different background and principles. On Scully’s side (the women), she is a rational person and could not compromise ideas without facts, while Mulder (the guy), is a very intuitive and open minded towards unexplainable things.

They are completely a very different person. But they learn to tolerate each other’s view. They learn to compromise things and just understand each other.


Favorite line throughout the seasons.




2 thoughts on “The X Files – Mulder and Scully”

  1. you brought back some serious memories, i used to look at xfiles as a child religiously every week. i like how you highlighted the type of relationship they share, the major point that stood out was the fact that their were no sex scenes between them.


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