April Short Escape

On the mid of April, I took a very short holiday trip. Well, it was my mom that gave me the ticket and letting me get the chance to travel around thousand miles away from Jakarta to Europe.

It is not the kind of family trip, the tour was a gift for my mom for earning an achievement in her office. She works as an insurance agent.

I know people have a lot of negative label towards insurance agent, but that’s not my point.

During my trip, I learn a lot about what job that really matter.

I was planning to write a review about a book called “Why A students work for C student, and B students work for the government” by Robert Kiyosaki. Neverthless, this trip taught me about the real living example of this book.

During this trip, I spent most of the time with my cousins, and his father and mother (my uncle and aunty).

A little bit about my uncle’s background, he barely graduate in a formal school, and never get the chance to get in to any university, or even highschool.

But if you look at him now, he succeeded not only in his job. A lot of family thank him and have a bright future. They can save money for their children’s future education, they came from a very low social economic status. but he succeeded to impact people around him, he help people chance their fate towards the future.

There’s a saying from the book,

“most students leave school looking for a job rather than learning how to provide jobs. Most people use oil rather than drill for oil. Most people try to get out of debt rather than learn how to use debt. And most students leave school dreaming of buying their own home, rather than providing homes for other people.”

Excerpt From: Kiyosaki, Robert T. “Why “A” Students Work for “C” Students and Why “B” Students Work for the Government.” iBooks.

From the saying, I realise something.

Our mind has been program by our society, to achieve the highest grades, be the best in school , you should have an achievement, and don’t ever fail. It will ruin your reputation and self-esteem. While, we actually can thrive for something bigger than that.

But somehow, through most of the people that I met and have been a part of my life, I learn that it’s not that big of a deal when u don’t get an A in school. Eventually it’s not that big of a deal. You are not going to apply your grades to real life situations.

Except, when u get an A, and you can contribute some of your intelligence to the society.

I see the real example from my uncle. He don’t get any formal education, but he thrive to impacting people’s live. Through his job. Not about his achievement, but how can he attain good outcome that can be seen in people’s live around him. He don’t just make money but also make people’s lives better.

How can your A, make you contribute to something bigger than yourself?

Don’t only fill your mind with knowledge. Fill your mind with values, principles, and wisdom. It will lead you to something bigger than yourself.

I learn that, everyone should have the same role to contribute some of their life, for others. Like it’s just how the circle of life works. You cannot pile up everything for yourself, you need to contribute something for others. Especially with every situation in this world, the world somehow is like the hell, and you are the one who’s going to save it. Who’s gonna help the world with every issues that is just keep rising everyday, while you are focusing on yourself, on your reputation, on your perfectionism for your work, and the compliment that people give yo tou.

Education is still important, but know what your motivation of getting a good education, is it for your own satisfaction or you realise that in order to create a change in society, you need to get a great education to expand your mind towards things.

Use every education that you learn, for something bigger. Not about the achievement, but the contribution that you can give to others.

Easy ways to give back to your community + inspirational quotes about giving back including these wise words from Denzel Washington for #dogoodweek sponsored by @dogoodlivewell

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