Phrophetic Messages [15 May 2018]

I was not myself lately.

I was wondering around and asking about what really matters in my life.

People around me always plan and plan and plan.. Plan about future, about education, taking masters degree, worrying about grades, and it was getting into my head.

It was all confusing for me.

What will my life be in the future?

Should I plan things from now on?

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Do you have the same concerns?

Joining the 20s this year, becoming an adult, is kind a scary. 

You have to think about your career, what would I do after I graduate, and building your own family.

“That serious thing that your parents usually think off”

I know.. as I was saying, I was not myself..


I went to a house of prayer yesterday.

And it all just came back to me

God just reminds me that,

I have a vision and purpose of living.

Everything that has happened, it is according to His will.

I am His daughter, I don’t have to be afraid, worry, and be anxious about my future.

God gave me His vision about my fights, and my area of war.

He wants me to be a blessing especially in family area. The image of a family has been torn apart lately. Due to the rapid change of lifestyle. Family become less valuable. The value of a family, has been ruined.

The impact is massive. Their children.. Lack of role model from family. Lack of father’s figure.. Mother’s figure.

Family become less important and it is shaping the children to become, feeling less of worthy, not really understand the meaning of a family anymore.

Children filled with rage and disappointments.

It impacted how value themselves. They don’t understand their worth and inside, they are broken.

How will our next generation will become?

What I learn is that, when you plan your future based on what the society tells you, it is worthless. We learn more and more and more about knowledge, but we don’t understand the value and the core of what it is called a vision, a life calling, purpose.

Knowledge is not everything. It is a tools.. a complementary, for your “calling”.

God put a vision in my heart, to see healing happens in every family in Indonesia.

To see healing happen in every heart of every brokenness. The fatherless.. Everyone that need God’s healing.

I don’t know why but no matter what happen in the future, I belive that God is guiding me through His calling in my life. It does not mean that I don’t need to consider planning about my future, it’s just that the core is God’s purpose for us.

Years ago I was planning on getting my undergraduate’s degree on accounting in Canada. I had done a very good planning on that time since I was in junior high school. I make that plan for almost three years. But all of my plan was all ruined, only because God did not plan for me to go there. God had a different direction for me.. and I follow His path.

And know I know why He want me to take a different path. Instead of taking accounting major, I join the undergraduate program on psychology in Indonesia.

It is not just a major that I want to take because I want to, but because God has a vision for my life that in order to accomplish it, I need the knowledge about psychology.

Like I said.. The knowledge becomes complementary.. Not the main core of it.

Consider this purpose in life thing as a battle field.

In order to win the battle, you need the tool for war. For instance like guns, knife, and all that kind of stuff.

Knowledge, is like the tool of war.

And the purpose of the war, is to win the battle that God has put into your heart.

My battle, is to fight for family area. To unite the family, to help the children, and let healing happen in every broken self-image, through the love of Jesus Christ. The tool for my war, is to learn the knowledge about psychology, about counselling, public speaking, and everything that helps me to accomplish God’s calling in my life.

Everyone of you have different path, have different ‘battle field’. God has design you, your life, every events on your life, to fulfill His calling.

Dear father,

I just want to pray for every one of you that is reading this message.

That are feeling worthless, that are in pain, that are in a lot of disappointments.

It is just hard to get back to life.

Maybe you feel purposeless.

Maybe you are wondering around about your life. You questions your existence. You are tired of life, you are tired of every problems that you are facing right now.

I just want to say that, don’t give up. You should know that you are born with a purpose, you are born with a calling in your life. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but God is preparing you for your battlefield.

You don’t have to worry. You just have to ask God.

Find a house of prayer. I thank God because He brought me to the house of prayer yesterday… Or just share to people who can pray for you.

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