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Editor : Charissa Faith Utasa & Bayu Mahendra

I am turning 20 this year.

They say that 20 is a start for something new.

I just feel like this year is going to be exciting.

Despite all of the new adventure that I am going to experience

There were a bunch of emotional rollercoaster on my teenage life.

Those crazy moments still remain in the wall of my memories.

Random things, I did. Just to feel the excitement.

Friends were my whole world.

Nothing was more important than building those memories with them.

Where time felt like it will never end.

The euphoria of being a teenager.

With nothing to do.

Just spending time having fun. Wasting our parent’s money. Those kinds of stuff.

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Problems were not complicated that time.

We were experiencing everything for the first time.

Oh, how I still remember vividly of all of the irresponsible things I did.

However, sooner or later, you will find out that,

It will never last.

Those happy days will past.

Soon after you get into the ‘real life’.

All of those responsibilities you have to take.

Things will be different.

Situations will demand you to think about the path you are going to take in the future.

You have to be wise on spending your time, your money.

Not dependent on your parents anymore.

So here are some of my messages to every one of you that are going through the adolescent year.

I have been there.

All of these mix feelings that you could not control.

Anger. Frustration. Crush. Insecurities. They all come and go.

You simply prefer to not be ruled by the adults.

Those rebellious moments..

Protecting your pride, and simply, everything.

I have been in your shoes.

I just want to tell you that..

Time flies fast.

You will never realize those times passing.

Soon, you need to take responsibilities for your actions.

Teenage is the most precious time to explore things and learn to be wiser for the actions you take.

You learn, fall down, and get back up again.

Perceive all the lessons of learning and do not fall to the same black hole.

Your time is precious.

Do not waste it for those who only hang with you because of your money, facilities from your parents, when you can spend time with people who really love and care for you.

It is not only about your lover.

They are not your whole world.

You still have a life.
You still have a future.
You are gifted with all of those talents.
Do not underestimate what you have.

Social media has become part of our life.

You might not realise it.

But it has became the source for your insecurities as well.

Social media is a very powerful tool to degrade your self-worth.

What you always see from others..

Social media is a very powerful tool to degrade your self-worth.

It is what makes you shy, not realizing your own talent, and being less confident with your physical appearance…

You are who you are.

You are meant to be different from the others.

People might judge you for who you are.

It might never end.

But remember, you do not live for them.

Why would you pay attention to the negativity brought into your life?

What really matter is that, you try your best.

To be a better human being.

My friend once told me,

When you look up, you see all the beauty and luxury that you feel jealous. But when you look down, you start noticing the dirt.

The rich one are always provided with luxurious things.

If you always compare yourself with those people, you will always see yourself lacking something.

Comparing yourself with them will make you feel like you lack of self-worth.

It’s a comparison trap.

However, if you compare yourself with the lower level of society, you will always be grateful for what you have now compared to them.

Be grateful for what you have now.

You are provided by your parents.

You have iPhones, you have branded stuff and everything, while the lower level of society are working hard to earn money to live for a day.

They work hard so that they can provide for their family needs, foods, and shelter for them.

Think about that.

Last but not least, know that your family loves you.

Your parents do love you.

They may not know how to handle you, but they surely love you.

I had a lot of conflict with my family throughout my teenage life.

For me, my parents never understood me. They were bossy and our relationship was never going well.

But know that, you are in a very different era with your parents.

They were living in a very different world. They have been through a lot in their past. They work really hard for all of you. They may not understand what you are feeling but know that they only want the best for you.

Even though sooner or later, you will find out that parents may not always know the answer for everything.

They may not give the best advice for you, but always respect what they are doing for you.

Appreciate what they are trying to do.

It’s all that matters.

Be grateful for your parents.

They may be overprotective, but their concern and love is real.

They might seems careless of you.

But it does not mean that they are less caring, they are just trying to find a way to teach you some value.

Independence. Responsibilities. Attitude.

The burden of being a parent is real.

They may not communicate their feelings with you, but know that they are still human.

They might hurt your feelings. They might do wrong doings, but they are in the process of learning as well.

Sometimes, the hardest people are the one that really do love you.

They are the ones that you must treasure.

Friends won’t last forever, there are only a few of them that will last.

But family, their love will last till you die.

Use your time wisely. You may never know when are you going to be separated with the love ones, especially your parents.

Use the time that you have to be with them. Get to know them better.

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