Relationship 2.0

It was a late night conversation in the car.

We were celebrating our one year anniversary through dinner.

We were arguing that night.

About our relationship, our future, what are we going to do with this relationship.

The struggles in our relationship were getting real.

It seems like, we are not going anywhere.

I was hopeless and just tired of it.

I was not spending most of my time with him anymore.

We were too busy focussing on our own priority.

The euphoria was not there anymore.

The feeling that we define as love. It was so real at first, but it was gone.

Was it like that for you?

When you convince yourself that he’s the one, but you just don’t feel it anymore.

Those pleasant feelings are just gone.

What happened with us?

Was it a total failure?

Was it never meant to be, you and me?

That night, it was supposed to be a momentum for us to remember the good moments.

It was totally went blur for me.

But then, here I am, three years later.

Still with the same man, that I fall for at the beginning of this ride.

The same guy I was losing hope for that night.

I choose to stay.

I remain on this journey.

I know my reason.

The ‘why’ I stay. 

From the beginning of our relationship, it was not that simple.

I know that this one is different. It is not based on “I love you” excitement.

It was based on something really strong foundation.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 10.25.49 PM

by : Elder Bednar

Even though God is in the center of your relationship..

It does not get easier

Recently, we (me and my boyfriend) experience an incident.

My boyfriend had some health issues that held him hospitalised for a week and still in recovery until now..

It was a shocking event where I never expect that at such a young age, he has to deal with this condition.  He was diagnosed with some type of minor stroke, RIND (Reversible Ischemic Neurological Deficit)

It has been hard for him, his family, and me as well.

To all of you who are dealing with hard situation in your relationship, I just want to say that…

It will never get easier for both of you.

The more challenges you dealt with together as a partner, the stronger your relationship will be. 

If you know in your heart that he is the one, than keep fighting for your relationship.

Do not let time or the situation controls your relationship. 

If you guys are in the middle of the storm, than deal with it together.

Storm does not mean that you relationship has to end because you guys could not handle the storm.

Storm exist in the middle of a relationship so that both of you can learn how to survive from it together.

If you think that God has given you ‘the one’, then it is your job to keep fighting for your partner.

Fight your own ego, defeat the thoughts that keep saying to you

we do not have things in common anymore‘, ‘I do not have feelings for him anymore‘..

All of those thoughts that destroy your relationship.

Time is not the key to restore and grew your relationship together.

The key to a lasting relationship is commitment, tolerance, and maturity.

ps :

I am far beyond from being a relationship expert.

I only write what I have learn through my experience

My relationship is not perfect.

We fight, we argue a lot, but we always find a way to figure something out.

We learn to be self-less from our ego and try to be a better version of ourselves 🙂

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