God’s Gift

Dear Lord, thank you for giving us everything.

Thank you for providing us with our surroundings.

Even though it is far from perfect.

But thank you for the people around us.

Thank you for our parents, friends, everyone that has impacted our lives.

But most importantly…

Thank you for giving us, this life.

Thank you for choosing me to be born into this world.

Thank you for protecting us until this day.

Thank you that because of You, we still can breathe the air…

And live our day as it is.

Thank you for reminding me that

The greatest gift of life is ourselves.

There is nothing more precious than our living existence.

Without me being alive, I would never enjoy the things you now have in your life.

Without my existence in this world…

I would never experience the love that God has given you…

Be grateful for the people around you

Remind yourself that the greatest blessing in your life is you.

You are a work of a miracle.

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