Reshaping Your Identity

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post. It is not because I do not have the time, but it has been a period of crisis. Whether I should continue on to write and post it on this blog. Or should I just quit.

A few months back, I read some people post on their instagram’s story about their opinion about ‘the people that gave motivational and life lessons’ for others. It kind a crush my heart since I have been doing that through my blog. Writing some encouraging and hopeful writings for people that I tought needed this.

Do people really need this? Or am I doing it wrong this whole time?

What would people think of my writings. Do they judge my opinion?

Those thought has prevent me from publishing my blog and it actually change my believe towards giving people hope for a while.

And that is why, if you do not dig in down to your soul. You will get lost in the ocean of thoughtful rationalize opinion of people that will prevent you exploring your potential.

If your belief system are not strong enough to make yourself believe in what you are doing now, you will get lost. – unknown
I believe I heard this quotes somewhere but I could not manage to find the rightful owner of this line.

You will never know what you are capable of doing. Your gifts and talents will always remain hidden from people.

You were not born to fit in. You were born to stand out, to speak up, to act out, and to live life out loud – Lady Gaga

Do not be afraid to be different from people around you.

I have to admit, this blog is one of the most therapeutic way for me to express what I am feeling inside and share my thoughts towards certain topic. This blog has been part of my life and part of my identity.

I acknowledge some part of my identity through out my writings. I am a very sensitive person. I care deeply about people and issues that are going around. I tend to write based on what I learn from me and people’s lessons learned in life . I like to share my toughts and that lessons of life for people. I want to touch people’s heart and help them throughout my writings.

I might be too young to share ‘wisdom’, my life lessons is not that much, yet. But some of my writings are based on what I believe as The Kingdom Value from the Bible. Correct me if my ideas and opinions are wrong 🙂
I really do need those evaluation and opinion from everyone of you who read my blog and have some thoughtful ideas that can help me for further improvement for this blog.

But once again, this is my blog. It expresses my life, my identity, and my stories.

Not only for my blog, but this is who I am. I know that I am loved and I have gifts and talents inside me. I like to contribute to society as much as I can. I still have some issues and problems with my own self, but I am learning to embrace it. People can give their opinion and views about me, but they could not destroy my identity. And so do you.

You are not what people tells you.

You have the right to be yourself. You are who you are. Embrace it. Explore yourself.
Do not please people to accept you.

God is the one who knows and defines your identity.
It is like, who am I in the eye of God?

Who is Jemima through God’s eye?

That is the question for all of us.

“Siapa sih diriku di mata Tuhan?”

It is the answer of our identity.

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