Fix your Focus

Hello everyone!

I know a bit late for posting an evaluation and lessons throughout 2018. Nevertheless, 2018 taught me to really embrace and deal with it. It is okay if things are not going as you planned. It was a new beginning for me to really be an adult and learn on my own. From my own mistakes. Bounce back from failure. It was hard. I think I can make a book out of my journey in 2018 🙂 It was too much drama and challenges.

Starting 2019 was not that easy for me either.

It is the year to really plant the seeds for whatever I am pursuing in the future. It is scary as hell. Like you really have to know what are you going to do next. Not only for tomorrow but for the rest of your lives. Your decision today will decide what is your fate in the future, like ten years from now. What kind of person are you going to be in ten years? Somehow every path that you take right now, will envision your future self. Scary isn’t it?

Life is that serious. It is that scary.

I have doubts. I am terrified.

What if I fail? What if I will experience that midlife crisis. What if I don’t succeed?

I know that God has a vision for every one of us. I can see the vision, but how can I accomplish His vision through my life?

What if I doubt your calling for me?

Starting this year, I do not know why. The situation force me to always make an important decision. Starting from my family, friends, community, et cetera.

I feel like every choice that are given to me..

Whether I choose the “right” decision or the “wrong” one, there will always be consequences.

This year, all of the pressure toward choosing the right decision is on me.

I am learning make the decision on my own.

But it’s okay.

Just always life is a process of learning and grow.

Always find your reason to wake up and live up your day as it is the last day of your life.

Maybe you are still young but use your time wisely. Know how to prioritize the important things in your life. Do not waste it for people that do not really matter to you.

I learned that there will always be a lot of opportunity for you. But you should be more selective and know what are you pursuing in your life.

Know what you really want in your life. What are your goals and what are you trying to learn.

Last year I thought that I should really take every chance that people offer me to really learn and explore, but some time around this year, I feel like God is really leading me to be specific and focus. Focus on the area that God wants me to grow and learn.

I know this principle do not apply to everyone. Maybe you have different believes and views towards pursuing your goals. But make sure that you know what area of life that you want to really learn and advance in. You all have talent, gifts, passion. And it is not a coincidence that you have all of that. Not everyone has those specific gifts like you have. So explore the gift of yours and make sure you flourish 🙂

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