3 July 2019

Ever since I can remember, I had never been determined to become a writer. It never occurs in my mind.

Never picture myself of becoming a writer, blogger…

I never even write stories or anything if not because of the school task.

Things have changed throughout the year 2015 and 2016. On one of the tasks from the teenager coaching class that I joined was about writing. Not just regular topics. It was about writing a letter to yourself.

I wrote a letter to myself. I burst into tears.

When I wrote that letter, the emotions that were buried deep in my heart came out.

It was the moment that made me realize I would continue on to write.

And it was the beginning of my journey to write. Diaries, notes, encouraging notes, everything.

I feel that words can connect with our emotions.

My emotions at that time.

Writing is part of my healing process and in some way, I learn to express my emotions.

As time goes by, this blog has become part of my life. I write what I’ve experienced through stories, emotionally, and how I interpret the topic.

Writings taught me to express my emotion.

Capturing memories in sentences, how I interpret an event with my way of thinking.

Through this blog, I see it differently.

I contribute this blog, my stories, and writings for people.

Whether you call it to inspire or whatever.

I just want to contribute and help people through my writings

But once you get used to it, the writings become soulless.

I reach the point where I write topics to accomplish my goals.

The deadlines that I created.

I lost my reasons.

I forgot my point about this blog.

I have my considerations as well

There are consequences for some parties for my writings.

Once you write and publish your post, it will become your records for a lifetime.

I always admire people that stand up for what they believe in.

Part of me wants to be transparent and true for what I believe in.

But there will always be opponent, well just some people that have different values.

I believe that everyone has the rights to share their stories.

Life stories.

I believe in the power of every event that happened in our life, will become our trademarks.

We might have the same values, beliefs, whatever you call it.

But I believe that everyone’s stories are different.

Every situation in our life, are not an accident. 

We might not be able to choose our life path. Maybe some people seem to have a better life compared to us. 

Some part of our heart wishes that we can switch our life with them. 

We hope to feel less pain, less regret, less vulnerability.

But that is our gift in life.

We have different stories, that’s a wonderful thing.

Maybe this scenario in your life, leave a lot of scars.

But this same scenario makes you tougher.

This kind of life made you stronger. Less fragile.

You are trained to feel this pain. But at the same time, you are still able to be grateful and enjoy your life.

When you reach the point of realizing this point of view, you can feel peace.

You can say that no matter how hard this road will be, I may not know what the future holds, but I believe that it is for the greater good.

I believe that there are reasons.

My life is a story.

Well, the stories will depend on how we interpret the events, but sure it will become your greatest strength.

You will know how far you have reached.

And that is why writings mean so much to me.

I can see all of my notes, diaries, stories from back then… and I can say, thank God.

I have reached this far rough path in my life.

The harder the journey, the more blessed you are with your life and yourself.

You want to find gold, is not that easy.

You have to dig deep, you have to work hard.

It will take days, months, years, to find good precious gold.

Your life stories are your gold.

You may not find it beautiful in the beginning.

You may see the hard gold as a pile of rough soil.

You cannot see the beauty of it, yet.

I am learning from my own writings as well.

“To be led by the lessons, not by the wound” – unknown

19.07.03 Kew Gardens




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